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Quiz October

Test your knowledge on the topics of Europe, climate, sustainability and regionalism. 10 questions await you in our monthly quiz.

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The three-pillar model is the international standard for sustainability. Which of the following examples is not a pillar of the three-pillar model?


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Black Beauty is a famous horse for many fans of the books and film adaptations. But Black Beauty is also a celebrity in the food sector in Europe. Of which fruit or vegetable is Black Beauty one of the most popular varieties on the European market?

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The (relative) global warming potential (GWP) is a measure of their relative contribution to the greenhouse effect, i.e. their average warming effect on the Earth’s atmosphere over a certain period of time (usually 100 years).
Which of the greenhouse gases mentioned has the highest GWP according to the Kyoto Protocol?
Caution: The global warming potential is not to be equated with the actual contribution to global warming, as the emission amounts of the various gases differ greatly.

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Which EU country has the largest milk production?

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Copy – Just over two-thirds of the Earth’s surface is covered with water. This is largely due to the world’s oceans.
But how many percent of the known water resources are drinkable freshwater?

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Which of the following types of fruit will keep the longest if stored properly?

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The northern hemisphere is the half of the earth north of the equator.
True or false:
Significantly more people live in the northern hemisphere of our planet than in the southern hemisphere. In total, it is about 90% of the entire world population.

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Virtual water describes the amount of water used in the production of a product. This includes existing precipitation as well as artificial irrigation or drinking water for animals. In addition, there is the water consumption that occurs during industrial production. For example, the global average water consumption for the yield of one kilo of potatoes is 210 litres. How much virtual water does the production of one kilo of cocoa require?

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In which European country is all local transport free of charge for both residents and visitors?

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In which country in Europe do people have the highest life expectancy, with an average of 83 years?

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