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DIY ideas for your carneval costume
for children and grown ups

Carnival is just around the corner – you’d think you’d learn from previous years, but every year the surprise is great and the despair all the greater in the absence of a carnival costume, let alone a halfway original idea.  Whether you’re a child or an adult, panic sets in unexpectedly, a slightly nervous sweat breaks out and the sheer nerves prompt you to jump the gun: you order a cheap costume from an online wholesaler.

The parcel arrives on time the next day and the costume amazes you with its unusual quality. Later at the party, you meet at least 3 people with the same costume – you nod to each other, because the story of the others corresponds to your own. A story of shit, what do I wear to Ah fuck it, I’ll just order it now. The events take a similarly unglamorous course, as the costumes, consisting of a special plastic-polyester mixture, cause sweating and corresponding tropical climatic conditions under the non-breathable layer of fabric after just a short period of wear. The story began with a nervous sweat attack and ends with the personal experience of the greenhouse effect in the body’s own sweat-induced biotope.

But don’t despair, we want to save you from this horror scenario!

friends celebrating carneval

To save you the annual headache of thinking about costume options, we’ve scoured the internet for unusual costume ideas and have come up with our top results. All the costume ideas are DIY and can be made with items that you usually already have at home anyway. 

  • Dumped spaghetti bolognese
    For this you need a pasta strainer as a headdress and a white yarn to serve as spaghetti. Put on a red top – the tomato sauce, of course. Now tie the white yarn to the pasta strainer in many threads until it looks as if you have tipped a full pasta strainer over your head. Attach threads of yarn to your red top and if you are particularly creative, you can attach forks or meatballs made from brown paper to the top. The mess is finished! You can find the inspiration picture HERE.
  • Rain cloud
    For this you will need an (old) hat, absorbent cotton, blue yarn, blue paper or craft felt and rainwear (wellies, rain jacket). Your hat acts as a cloud and is wrapped in the absorbent cotton (either glued or sewn on) until it forms a nice little rain cloud. Now cut out large raindrops from the blue paper or felt and stick them to the end of a longer blue wool string. Make as many rain strings as you like – depending on how intense your rain shower is – and attach the top end of the strings to the inside of the hat (glue, safety pin or sew on). Put on the raincloud hat, put on your wellies and rain jacket, et viola! You can find the inspiration picture HERE.
two people beneath a rain clowd
  • Tornado disaster
    Wrap yourself in a gray/white blanket, bedding, fitted sheet, mosquito net, etc. until you look like a tornado. Now attach things to you that have fallen victim to your storm power – for example leaves, toy cars, Lego, toy animals, etc. Done! You can find the inspiration picture HERE.
  • Rocket backpack
    For your rocket backpack you will need: hard cardboard (e.g. old box), fabric or wool from which you can make straps for the backpack, 2 large plastic bottles, acrylic paints and red, orange, yellow felt or crepe paper. Make a rectangle from the cardboard in the size you want your rucksack to be (i.e. approx. shoulder width). Attach (glue or thread through a hole in the cardboard) your straps to the top and bottom edges of the cardboard – on the right and left respectively. Paint the 2 plastic bottles with silver, gray or white acrylic paint, let them dry and then glue them next to each other with the opening facing down on the cardboard plate. Cut out tongues of fire from the felt or crepe paper and stick them into the bottle opening. The rocket backpack is finished. You can find the inspiration picture HERE.
  • Crazy old cat lady
    Especially funny for children: curlers in the hair, reading glasses, bathrobe, slippers and walking stick. Place all the cuddly toys you can find in the bathrobe pockets or on the bathrobe and in the neck opening. And the crazy old cat lady look is complete! You can find the inspiration picture HERE.

If you can’t find a fitting idea for you here, we can warmly recommend that you delve into the depths of Pinterest. It’s full of creative DIY ideas where you’re sure to find inspiration.

Have fun with crafting and dressing up!

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