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Our Services

Consultations to create added value locally

Regional networking

We help you network with suppliers in your region, so that you can produce various products with local suppliers. This way you can produce 100% locally.

From establishing contacts to the joint definition of processes, we support you in communication and negotiations.

Substainable Marketing

Our philosophy:
Make good products and share them with everyone.

pro local helps you and your team share the right information and develop a clear definition for your target market.

Consumers are better able to identify with your company and build loyalty

Consultations & Workshops

For Sustainability & Marketing

From the brand pyramids to value propositions and the customer journeys. Develop your brand and marketing strategy in cooperation with pro local and focus on sustainability.

Local value creation has many advantages: The creation of new jobs is just as important as reducing CO² and eaqually as important as having greater proximity to consumers.

Get our label

If you produce a product entirely within one country (100% of the product), you can apply for the pro local check. If we can confirm your claim, your product will receive the 100% local label.

For us, this means that all components and ingredients come from the country where the production takes place. In addition, all employees necessary for the production are also employed locally and your company pays its taxes in this country.

More sustainability together

In addition to our own services, we have created a partner network that helps you and your company to become more sustainable.

Our Vision

Without compromise, across all of Europe, we ensure that 100% of the tested products are manufactured within one country.

Together with the producers, we increase trust in regional products and their production sites.
In this way, we want to participate in creating new jobs and sustainable, climate-friendly structures.

Our Mission

With consultations and networking, we support companies on their path to producing their products in a more regional, transparent and climate-friendly way. 

We give consumers greater transparency for their daily purchases and give producers new incentives and opportunities for sustainable action. 


Frequently asked questions about our services

Yes! Only after we have discussed how we can help your company, we will make you an offer. The offer is non-binding.

We offer a wide range of consultation services for local value creation. Our goal is to support you and your team in establishing local value creation and pursuing sustainable, regenerative concepts.

Your company has its own product that is already produced locally or for which there is a desire to produce it 100% domestically in the future.
Together with your team, we determine how we can help you and whether an audit is feasible.

The most important thing for us was a definition that is as simple as possible to understand and has clear boundaries to protect regionality. Therefore, for us, everything that is produced within a country is “local”. This way we ensure that the local economy is also supported.

In addition to the countries of the EU, we also offer our services and the pro local label in England, Norway, Monaco, Iceland, Moldova and Switzerland.

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