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The most important goal

Together with our network and our specialised partners, we support you and your company in developing and implementing local, sustainable and regenerative concepts.


Business workshops for a climate-friendly working environment. Future Minds works with your team to design holistic, sustainable solutions that can be individually adapted.

The workshops can be booked individually. They can be combined as desired.
Based on a preliminary discussion, we adapt the content to your needs.


Hallo Klima! offers easy access to information about climate change and everyday tips for a climate-friendly life. We share important facts, knowledge and diverse know-how with you and your team.

We have developed modules for our climate workshops, each lasting about 2.5 hours. Companies can put half- to full-day climate workshops together. Teambuilding events are also part of our programme.

Regional value creation as a basis

Trade in your region

We are convinced that regional production of consumer goods and food is sustainable and important on many levels.

At the same time, in addition to regional value creation, many other topics are necessary to act in a regenerative and climate-friendly way.

Act globally

From seasonality to greenhouse gas reduction, there are many important factors for a climate-friendly, sustainable and regenerative economy.

Since pro local does not specialise in all areas of sustainability and we lack expertise in some fields, we have built up a broad network of specialists. Together with our partners, we help guide companies on their way to more sustainability.

People and opinions

The lastet from our blog

From Cradle to Cradle – A new approach to productdesign

Das Cradle to Cradle- Prinzip liefert einen positiven Ansatz für den Umgang mit der Klimakrise. Der Fokus wird nicht auf Verzicht, Effizienz und Einsparung gelegt, sondern auf die Entwicklung eines

Microplastics – Barely visible, but omnipresent

Not only plastic, but also microplastics are omnipresent today and can be found everywhere - in the water, in the air and in the soil.