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pro local Quiz February

pro local Quiz February

Test your knowledge on the topics of Europe, climate, sustainability and regionalism. 10 questions await you in our monthly quiz.

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What is a person’s ecological footprint?

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Which regional specialty is traditionally prepared in Bavarian cuisine in Germany?

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The “European Green Capital” is an award that the EU Commission has presented every year since 2010. Which city was awarded the title in 2024?

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What is meant by the term “biodiversity”?

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Which sustainable material is often used in packaging and is derived from plants?

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What instrument does the EU use to promote regional development and balance regional differences?

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What does the term “upcycling” mean in the context of sustainability?

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Which EU country has the highest proportion of renewable energies in its energy mix?

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Cruises are not known for their sustainability. Compared to the annual greenhouse gas emissions of a person in Germany, what is the average (depending on the type of ship) greenhouse gas emission per person on a two-week cruise, not including the journey?

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Which international environmental agreement was signed in Paris in 2015 to limit global warming?

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