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pro local Quiz March

pro local Quiz March

Test your knowledge on the topics of Europe, climate, sustainability and regionalism. 10 questions await you in our monthly quiz.

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Which sector is the largest emitter of CO2 emissions in Europe?

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True or false?
Lemons are the fruit of the lemon tree. Botanically speaking, lemons are berries that contain the actual seeds inside.

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What process is used to make sauerkraut?

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Rice does not always come to us from the Far East; rice cultivation also has a centuries-long tradition in Europe. In which country is the largest European rice growing region?

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Glass is 100 percent recyclable and can be reused infinitely without any loss of quality. This makes glass a sustainable material and waste glass a valuable raw material. What main component (approximately 70%) does glass consist of?

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Baking your own bread has become a hobby for many people. What method is traditionally used to determine whether a loaf of bread is fully baked?

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Some things from the classic household should never end up in normal waste after they have been used. Batteries are a good example of this. But why shouldn’t batteries be disposed of with household waste?

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The most important variety for the production of vanilla beans is spiced vanilla, which accounts for around 95 percent of global production. Which European country is known for its high-quality vanilla?

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Which building materials contribute the most to CO2 emissions in the construction industry?

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A healthy 150-year-old beech tree has around 800,000 leaves. With average light intensity and soil conditions, this tree can absorb up to 24 kilograms of CO2 every day. How much oxygen is produced by such a tree in the same amount of time?

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