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pro local Quiz July

pro local Quiz July

Test your knowledge on the topic of diapers. 10 questions await you in our monthly quiz.

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What is a commonly used contaminant in conventional disposable diapers that is known to cause skin irritation?

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How long does it take on average for a disposable diaper to completely biodegrade?

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Which harmful substance in diapers is often associated with allergies and skin rashes in babies?

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By how much is the ecological footprint of cloth diapers lower than that of disposable diapers?

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Which chemical is often used to bleach conventional diapers, which can lead to environmental impacts?

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What is a major advantage of cloth diapers compared to conventional disposable diapers?

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Can some disposable diapers contain harmful chemicals such as dioxin?

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Which material is often used in eco-friendly diapers instead of plastic?

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What is the main reason for the long degradation time of disposable diapers in landfills?

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Which environmentally friendly alternative can be used to clean baby’s diaper area instead of disposable wipes?

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