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Seewinkler Eierteigwaren
starts audit
for pro local label

We are delighted to be able to include the traditional Seewinkler Eierteigwaren company in the circle of companies that create local added value and are audited by pro local to obtain our label.

For decades, Seewinkler Eierteigwaren has been a pioneer in Burgenland for the regional production of high-quality products. Long before a certain trend towards regionality became popular, regional ingredients were already being used sustainably and conscientiously for the company’s own production.

This long tradition of regional value creation makes the collaboration with Seewinkler Eierteigwaren very special for us at pro local and we are already looking forward to sharing the results of the audit with the public soon.

Power woman and CEO of Seewinkler Eierteigwaren: Barbara Gelbmann

Barbara Gelbmann has been running the traditional Seewinkler egg pasta business for 20 years now. In addition to a farm, her parents founded a chicken farm back in 1978 and everyone has worked on their parents’ farm since childhood.

In 1997, they began processing some of their own fresh eggs and producing quality pasta. In 2003, Barbara took over the business from her parents. As befits a traditional rural business, her mother still comes by almost every day to “check on things” and lend a hand when needed.

However, a lot has changed since Barbara took over. The chicken farm has been abandoned and the pasta is now made using barn and free-range eggs from a partner farm in central Burgenland. The product range now includes over sixty different types of quality pasta, which are made by hand with a great deal of love and care.

In addition to paying particular attention to the quality of the pasta, Barbara’s focus is on preserving the naturalness of her products. Without preservatives, only natural products such as tomato, paprika, beet, spinach and porcini mushroom flour are used for the colors and flavors. There are also various special products in the range for different food intolerances and intolerances.

If you would like to get your own overview of Seewinkler egg pasta, click on the following button and visit their website.

Stay tuned – As soon as we have completed the test, you will receive a further update from us. We wish Barbara and her Seewinkler egg pasta every success in obtaining the label.

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