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New Year’s Eve raclette
“Make winter vegetables sexy again”

For many people, a New Year’s Eve without raclette is like a party without music. Possible, but not desirable. But the fact is that every year the same darlings end up on the table grill – tomatoes, peppers, zucchinis and the like sizzle away happily alongside meat or its alternatives. This choice of vegetables shows a certain lack of variety and is also not seasonal – and consequently not regional.

We therefore suggest: Make winter vegetables sexy again!

Surprise your friends or family with an original composition of an unconventional but regional selection of winter vegetables for the stone grill.

Our vegetable tips for regional raclette:

  • Parsnips (sweet, nutty flavor)
  • Jerusalem artichokes (also sweet, nutty taste – reminiscent of chestnuts)
  • Pumpkin
  • Black salsify (“asparagus of winter”)
  • leek
  • Cabbage sprouts
  • potatoes
  • Carrots
Black salsify "Asparagus of the winter"

Whether pre-grilled as oven vegetables and then gratinated with cheese in a small pan or braised on a stone slab – this range of unusual vegetables certainly promises to be an experience or a new taste discovery for many.
By choosing regional foods, you will not only start the new year with a small but good deed, but possibly also with a new culinary revelation.

We recommend the following for dessert:

  • Baked apple or baked pear from the pan: Simply garnish the fruit with your choice of walnuts, raisins, cranberries and honey and roast until the aroma makes the wait unbearable.

Life hack at the end: If you want to eat raclette but don’t have a table grill at home, you don’t have to buy one – you can carefully melt the cheese in a large pan on the stove and keep it warm and liquid at the table using a simple construction with candles.

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