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The pro local rulebook

At pro local, we strive for a future in which consumers are clearly and transparently informed about where their products come from. We therefore want to ensure throughout Europe that local value creation is respected in the manufacture of the products we test. The summarized test reports can be accessed quickly and easily for your purchasing decisions via the QR code on our labels. In this way, we want to help create new jobs, promote regionality and establish sustainable and climate-friendly structures.

With advice and networking, we support companies on their way to producing their products in a more regional, transparent and climate-friendly way. Through our labels, we bring greater transparency to everyday purchasing and give producers new incentives and opportunities for sustainable action.

Our Labels

Label from pro local

100% of the product’s ingredients must be of local origin. This applies to all processed raw materials from cultivation and extraction to the completion of the final product. For testing purposes, we define local as within a country.

Label from pro local

All main components of the product must be of regional origin. Up to 3% of the ingredients may be sourced internationally if they are not available domestically. All other rules are identical for both seals of approval.

4 priorities for preserving our labels

1. local components

We list all ingredients and components, including the origin and supply chain of the tested products, to confirm their regional origin.

2. local production

To receive our label, all production must take place in the same country from which the product components originate.

3. local employment

In order to maintain local structures, we only label companies that employ all the people involved in production at the production site.

4. local taxes

For a sustainable regional economy, the manufacturing company must pay its taxes in the country of production.

pro local attaches importance to local value chains

pro local - What we stand for

Local value creation

Local value creation promotes the local economy, creates local jobs and is an investment in our future. With greater trust in the region and its products, consumers and employees can identify better with the company. This leads to sustainable production and consumption in the long term. Incidentally, you will find our labels not only on food, but also on clothing, toys, wooden goods such as furniture and various everyday products. Local value creation is important for the production chain, which is always our focus.

Transparency for sustainable purchasing decisions

We stand for more transparency in the value chain and transparent help for sustainable purchasing decisions. pro Local offers consumers an easy-to-understand, trustworthy indication of origin on local products. By scanning the QR code of our labels, consumers can view the summary of the test report on our website directly while shopping. This allows you to see exactly what was tested, how and when, and where the ingredients of the individual products come from. pro local stands for safety through regular independent audits of supply chains.

Consistent standards throughout Europe

We want to create greater trust in local and international online retail among consumers across Europe. Whether buying souvenirs or for everyday consumption, local products should be easy and quick to recognize when traveling throughout Europe. Consumers do not need to know the national language or local labels.

pro local stands for regionality, transparency & the same standards throughout Europe

pro local - How we work

Advice & networking for local value chains

pro local is constantly working to build new networks with regional businesses and support manufacturers in producing additional product groups locally. From establishing contact to the joint definition – we support you in communication and negotiation.

Examination for the award of the label

If you would like to receive one of our two labels, you can apply for the pro local check. This is a plausibility check in which we verify that all pro local rules for our label are complied with. The results of the audit are made available online to increase transparency and can be accessed via the QR code. There is also an annual personal visit to our customers to verify the labels. At the end of this process, our independent audit ensures complete transparency regarding the origin and creates an important basis for consumer trust.

Consulting and individual workshops for sustainability marketing

Our philosophy: Do good and share it with everyone. pro Local helps you strategically and structurally to establish your sustainability and green marketing. With our help, you can share the right information and develop a clear definition for your target groups. This makes it easier for consumers to identify with your company and build a bond.

We offer various green marketing activities:

  • Local photo shoots
  • Image videos
  • Interviews with your employees

We hold workshops for your company:

  • to create your brand pyramid based on video interviews with your team
  • to discuss your value propositions
  • to create and analyze the customer journey map

You can put together your own individual green marketing package according to your needs and implement it with us.


You can find all further information about pro local on our website under FAQs.

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