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pro local Quiz April – Palm oil special

pro local Quiz April – Palm oil special

Test your knowledge on the topic of palm oil. 10 questions await you in our monthly quiz.

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What is palm oil obtained from?

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The oil palm is extremely productive. Much more oil can be produced with oil palms than with other oil plants on the same area of land.

True or False?

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What are the special properties of palm oil?

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Which country is the largest palm oil producer in the world?

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Oil palms need a tropical climate and they grow best where there is rainforest. How much rainforest was destroyed between 1990 and 2015 in Indonesia alone?

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In which sector is palm oil used the most?

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Which problem does not arise from palm oil production?

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The oil palm is a versatile plant. A palm tree produces clusters of fruit about 15 times a year. How much does one of these fruit clusters weigh?

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Numerous animal and plant species are currently threatened by palm oil production.  Which animal species is not affected?

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Rainforests that are cleared for palm oil in Indonesia often grow on peat bog soils. Why are peat bog forests particularly important for global climate protection?

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