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pro local Quiz May – Fast fashion special

pro local Quiz May – Fast Fashion special

Test your knowledge on the topic of fast fashion. 10 questions await you in our monthly quiz.

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Many fast fashion items are made partly or completely from plastic, or more precisely from polyester, polyamide, nylon or polyacrylic. What is the name of the raw material from which these fabrics are made?

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Microplastics are created, among other things, by the abrasion of synthetic fibers, e.g. when washing and wearing clothes. Which statement regarding microplastics is not true?

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How many liters of water does the production of one kilo of cotton consume on average?

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Which two countries produce the most clothing in the world?

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One of the largest fashion companies in the world offers over 1000 new items online every day and is being criticized for overproduction and wasting resources. Which Chinese company is meant?

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Clothes are thrown away more quickly today than in the past. What percentage of used clothing is recycled into new clothing on average in Europe?

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Since 2000, the amount of used clothing exported from Europe has tripled. Which two continents end up with the most used clothing?

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The fashion industry is responsible for 10% of global CO2 emissions – more than global aviation and shipping combined.

True or false?

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How many items of clothing does the average person in Austria and Germany buy per year?


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Which topic are many fashion brands currently greenwashing?


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