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Five varieties of Ramsa-Wolf mustard receive the pro local label

We are delighted to announce that Ramsa-Wolf has been awarded the pro local label! We would like to congratulate the traditional Viennese mustard manufacturer on this award. The certificate confirms the high quality and regional origin of their products.

The following mustard varieties were tested:

  • Englischer Spezialsenf
  • Estragon Senf
  • Kremser Senf
  • Kürbiskern Senf
  • Wiener Spezialsenf
Label 2

Regional by tradition

Ramsa-Wolf is a traditional Austrian mustard manufacturer based in Vienna. The family business was founded in 1926 in Vienna-Erdberg and is about to celebrate its 100th anniversary. Today, the business is run by Katrin Segel, the 5th generation. Austrian quality, pure natural products and the finest taste are our top priorities.

Family power with Franz, Liselotte, Katrin and Stephan

Tarragon mustard and Kremser mustard have been produced since the company was founded. In the 1950s, the English Special mustard variety was added to the range, which immediately became a bestseller due to its spiciness.
To this day, the “English” is considered the hottest mustard in Austria and continues to enjoy great popularity. Since its introduction, it has been produced unchanged according to the family’s well-kept secret recipe.

Our audit focused on the following areas:

* A maximum of 3% of the product ingredients are not from Austria.
* Ramsa-Wolf production is 100% within Austria.
* All production employees are employed in Austria.
* The company pays 100% of its taxes in Austria.

As always, the result can be accessed directly via the QR code on our label.

If you want to see the result of our audit report in detail, you can also click here.

We would like to thank Ramsa-Senf for their trust in our label and their commitment to transparency and regionality and look forward to working with them for a long time to come.

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