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Herald of spring - Wild garlic

From a meteorological point of view, spring begins on March 1 and, tempted by the warmer temperatures and sunshine that slowly chase away the gloom of winter, many people shake off their winter torpor with the first leisurely spring walks. Spring is literally in the air – the scent of fresh leaves and buds, flowers, rain, wet earth and… garlic? That’s right, wild garlic is in season and provides olfactory surprises on the usual spring walk. But wild garlic, which can appear in a veritable sea of leaves, is not only an experience for the eyes and nose, many gourmets also enjoy the culinary qualities of the aromatic wild herb!

wild garlic growing in the forest

Wild garlic thrives mainly in deciduous forests, prefers moist and humus-rich soil and can be found in shady to semi-shady locations. However, caution is advised when picking wild garlic as it is very similar to the poisonous leaves of lily of the valley and autumn crocus! Therefore, always make sure that you have actually picked wild garlic by checking for the typical garlic smell.

The peak flavor of wild garlic is mainly in the months of March and April, as the leaves lose most of their characteristic aroma after flowering.

Wild garlic is versatile and can be used in a variety of culinary creations.

For inspiration, we present a wild garlic recipe that illustrates how wild garlic can be used in the kitchen.

Wild garlic "Spätzle"

This recipe requires little effort and can be individually modified to please every palate.

Ingredients for 4 portions:

300g flour

3 eggs

200g fresh wild garlic

1 tsp salt

self-picked wild garlic


The first step is to mix the wild garlic with a little water or milk to make a puree. Then mix all the ingredients together in a bowl and stir to form a smooth, sticky dough.

Using a spaetzle slicer, scrape the dough into the boiling salted water – as soon as the spaetzle rise to the surface, they are ready.

Now the spicy spaetzle can be served however you like – ideas include, for example:

  • Like cheese spaetzle, refined with fried onions and spicy cheese
  • As a side dish tossed in butter
  • In a cream sauce with mushrooms and zucchinis
green wild garlic spaetzle with zucchinis and mushrooms

The green spaetzle are not only tasty, but also beautiful to look at!

Have fun cooking them and bon appétit!


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